PCR Biosystems pride ourselves on not only being a manufacturer of world leading, high quality reagents for PCR and real-time PCR but also on the service that we provide to our customers. Both before and after sale support is offered to help you achieve the most from our market leading polymerases and mixes.

For the UK we are able to provide technical scientific seminars or lectures on the topic of real-time PCR. We can visit your research group and tutor on a personal or small group level. We can also arrange seminars and lectures which are open for the entire department or institute to attend.

For the best technical support please e-mail technical@pcrbio.com with as much information as possible. Please include

  • Product name or catalogue number of kit
  • Batch number of components used
  • Detailed description of the problem
  • Detailed description of reaction set up
  • Cycling conditions
  • Screen grabs of amplification traces, melt curves and/or gel pictures
  • For real-time PCR troubleshooting the instrument being used


Quality policy

PCR Biosystems strives to be a leading manufacturer of kits and reagents for scientists working in the field of molecular biology by maintaining the highest level of integrity, professionalism, innovation, and competitive pricing for our clients. Click here to view our quality policy.


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