UltraScript 2.0 Reverse Transcriptase

: PB30.33-01

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Pack Size

10,000 units 


  • Thermostable reverse transcriptase 55°C to 65°C and above
  • Superior cDNA yields from 20pg to 3.5μg RNA
  • Accurate reverse transcription of GC-rich and highly structured transcripts
  • Advanced buffer chemistry including Mg and dNTPs

UltraScript 2.0 Reverse Transcriptase is a robust and highly thermostable modified MMLV reverse transcriptase engineered for superior cDNA synthesis speed, yield and representation from a wide range of RNA sample types, including GC-rich and low abundance templates

The enhanced thermostability of UltraScript 2.0 Reverse Transcriptase (RTase) allows reaction temperatures of over 55°C to be used, giving improved specificity, higher cDNA yields, and more full length cDNA product. UltraScript 2.0 RTase is capable of efficient reverse transcription of the most challenging templates, including GC-rich and highly structured transcripts. The RTase can be used with 20pg to 3.5μg total RNA or oligo(dT) purified mRNA.

UltraScript 2.0 RTase is available in three convenient formats, each with dNTPs, Mg, and RNase inhibitor included. Our stand-alone enzyme with 5x buffer gives users the flexibility to define their own priming strategy and offers exceptional performance with gene-specific primers, oligo(dT) and random hexamers.

For RT-qPCR applications, the 2-tube UltraScript 2.0 cDNA Synthesis Kit contains all the components required for fast, reliable and unbiased cDNA synthesis, including an optimised blend of anchored oligo(dT) and random hexamers. UltraScript 2.0 cDNA Synthesis Kit Separate Oligos provides anchored oligo(dT) and random hexamers in separate tubes, for user optimisation depending on the type of analysis needed.


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